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Each week, both a male and female student-athlete are selected as Springfield College Maroon Club Athlete of the Week honors.  Those honored throughout the month are then honored at a luncheon held in Cheney Hall where their coaches, professors, parents, and fellow student-athletes attend to recognize their accomplishments.


2017-2018 Maroon Club Dates

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 6

January 31

February 28

March 28

April 25


2017-2018 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recepients

Date Name (Sport) Name (Sport)
Sept. 4 Kristen Madeia (Women's Cross Country)        Chris Hayden (Football)                                                  
Sept. 12 Kim Quiles (Women's Soccer) Christian Steidle (Men's Soccer)
Sept. 18 Paige Laperle (Field Hockey) Mike Strong (Golf)
Sept. 25 Jen Donnelly (Women's Volleyball) Tyler Hyde (Football)
Oct. 2 Mikaela Coady (Women's Soccer) Jake Raichle (Golf)
Oct. 9 Maggie Kennedy (Field Hockey) Rich Williams (Football)
Oct. 16 Nikki Kerr (Women's Soccer) Tim Wood (Men's Soccer)
Oct. 23 Ann Mahoney (Field Hockey) Josh Corporan (Football)
Oct. 30 Delaney Dyjak (Women's Swimming) Jack Pinho (Men's Cross Country)
Nov. 6 Elise Leavitt (Women's Soccer) Kearney Gutierrez (Wrestling)
Nov. 13 Hannah Wunderlich (Women's Cross Country) Nick Giorgio (Football)
Nov. 20 Ciara Boucher (Women's Soccer) Kent Parsons (Men's Swimming)
Dec. 4 Christine Shea (Women's Swimming) Ian Tolotti (Wrestling)
Dec. 11 Alex Goslin (Women's Basketball) Connor Pennington (Men's Diving)
Jan. 2 Gracie Restituyo (Women's Basketball) Jake Ross (Men's Basketball)
Jan. 8 Chelsea McAllister (Women's Basketball) Valmore Stewart (Men's Diving)
Jan. 16 Jess Clemens (Women's Gymnastics) Joe Fusco (Wrestling)
Jan. 22 Olivia Paione (Women's Swimming) Chris Graff (Men's Gymnastics)
Jan. 29 Courtney Luscier (Women's Track and Field) Joe Gaudreau (Men's Track and Field)
Feb. 5 Tali Twomey (Women's Gymnastics) Sergio Figueroa Velez (Men's Volleyball)
Feb. 12 Macayla LaChance (Women's Track and Field) Andy McNulty (Men's Basketball)
Feb. 19 Madi Bowen (Women's Gymnastics) Stephen Lewis (Men's Gymnastics)
Feb. 26 Ann Mahoney (Women's Lacrosse) Tom Hurley (Men's Lacrosse)
March 5  Sierra Skaza (Women's Diving) Cam Earle (Men's Basketball)
March 12 Taylor Jackson (Women's Gymnastics) Peter Marsicano (Baseball)
March 19 Kirsten Drobiak (Softball) Chris Cunnington (Men's Lacrosse)
March 26 Kristen Steidler (Women's Lacrosse) Billy De La Espriella (Men's Volleyball)
April 2 Sam Liberty (Women's Track and Field) Jannik Haas (Men's Gymnastics)
April 9 Taylor Kane (Women's Lacrosse) Chad Shade (Baseball)
April 16 Yaixsa Vargas (Softball) Tyler Hansen (Men's Track and Field)
April 23 Emily Etter (Women's Tennis) Cameron Glover (Men's Lacrosse)




























2017-2018 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recepients

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