Both student-athletes and coaching staffs are in the process of picking up awards and recognition for the 2017-2018 athletic year.

Fans will be able to keep track of all the individual honors awarded to Springfield College Athletics throughout the year by checking out this page.

Award                                           Total                                               Honoree                             
AVCA - Women's Volleyball  Jen Donnelly, Honorable Mention
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, Honorable Mention
National Athlete of the Year    
Regional Athlete of the Year     
Regional Coach of the Year    
All-Region 2   
AVCA - New England Jen Donnelly 
    Anagabrielle Sanchez
Conference Athlete of the Year 2  
NEWMAC - Football Jordan Wilcox - Offensive 
    Nick Giorgio - Defensive  
Conference Rookie of the Year 1  
NEWMAC - Football Mackenzie Allioth
Conference Coach of the Year 1   
NEWMAC - Football Mike Cerasuolo 
All-Conference 31  
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country  Jake Pinho 
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer  Kim Quiles (First Team) 
    Nikki Kerr (First Team)
    Ciara Boucher (First Team)
    Mikaela Coady (Second Team)
    Elise Leavitt (Second Team)
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer  Christian Schneider (First Team) 
    Danny Murphy (First Team) 
    Xavi Arroyo (First Team) 
    Harry Davis (Second Team)
    Cam Powell (Second Team)
    Stewart Frank (Second Team)
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball  Jen Donnelly (Second Team) 
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  Maggie Kennedy (First Team) 
    Amanda Nusbaum (First Team) 
NEWMAC - Football 16 Jake Eglintine (First Team)
    Jordan Wilcox (First Team)
    Nick Giorgio (First Team)
    Marlowe Scott (First Team)
    Chris Hayden (First Team)
    Nick Bainter (First Team)
    Dom Traversa (First Team)
    Chula Loomis (First Team)
    Christian Zotti (Second Team)
    Joel Sodeinde (Second Team)
    Joe Chaves (Second Team)
    Tyler Hyde (Second Team)
    Hunter Belzo (Second Team)
    Josh Corporan (Second Team)
    Jonny Bianchi (Second Team)
    Brennan Fleming (Second Team)
Sportmanship Honor 7  
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country  Chris Tringali
NEWMAC - Women's Cross Country Hannah Wunderlich 
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer  Tim Wood 
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer  1 Christy Russo 
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  Gabby Guerard 
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball  Laura Townsend 
NEWMAC - Football Antonio Rossi 
Senior All-Star Game Participants 1   
NFHCA - Field Hockey  Maggie Kennedy 
National Academic Honor    
Regional Academic Honor 6  
CoSIDA All-District  Brad Deckel, Men's Soccer 
    Mikaela Coady, Women's Soccer
    Chris Hayden, Football
    Dom Traversa, Football
    Jordan Wilcox, Football
    Nick Giorgio, Football
Academic All-Conference 57  
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country 3 Chris Tringali
    Tyler Cronin
    Rich Lindley
NEWMAC - Women's Cross Country 7 Victoria Nascembeni 
    Abbie McCann
    Laura Volan
    Macayla LaChance 
    Nicole Dyer
    Kristen Madeia
    Julia Maturo
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer 8 Brendan Claflin
    Ian Zacharewicz
    Nick Fontana
    Keon Haji
    Christian Steidle
    Jimmy Wilcox
    Brad Deckel
    Mitch Ambruso 
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  10 Dani Sweet
    Pagie Laperle
    Ann Mahoney
    Emmalie Drake
    Allison Skinner
    Taylor Field
    Hannah Boylan
    Belle Copponi
    Taylor Conley
    Gabby Guerard
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball 3 Kayleigh Helgesen
    Rebecca Higgins
    Lauran Townsend
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer 11 Olivia Bernas
    Gabrielle Fernandes
    Meghan Sastram
    Jaclyn Davis
    Dakota Kelly
    Rachel Feliu
    Isabella Inglese 
    Mikaela Coady
    Monique Marcelino
    Renee Melisse
    Mackenzie Luiz
NEWMAC - Football 15 Christian Humulock
    Jon Weaver
    Nick Bainter
    Skyler Bateman
    Jordan Wilcox
    Sam Greenfield
    Tom Casey
    Dom Traversa
    Anthony Valentino
    Chris Hayden
    John Cox
    Zach Wright
    Andrew Papirio
    Joseph Salatel
National Player of the Week 9  7 Jordan Wilcox, Team of the Week (9/12/17) 
    Tim Christensen, Brennan Fleming, Nick Bainter, Jeremy Lipsky, Chris Hayden, Team of the Week (10/24/17)
    Jordan Wilcox, Team of the Week (11/14/17)
NFHCA  Maggie Kennedy, Honor Roll (10/25/17) 
Synapse Sports 1 Maggie Kennedy, Honor Roll (10/25/17)
Regional Player of the Week 11  
ECAC 10 Jordan Wilcox, North Football Offensive (9/12/17)
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, North Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/12/17)
    Christian Humulock, North Football Special Teams (9/19/17)
    Ciara Boucher, North Women's Soccer Defensive (9/19/17) 
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, North Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/19/17)
    Kristen Madeia, North Women's Cross Country (9/20/17)
    Cam Powell, North Men's Soccer Defensive (10/17/17)
    Nick Giorgio, North Football Defensive (10/17/17)
    Jordan Wilcox, North Football Offensive (10/24/17)
    Maggie Kennedy, North Field Hockey Offensive (10/25/17)
NEFW Gold Helmet  Jordan Wilcox, Division II/II (9/13/17) 
Conference Player of the Week 27  
NEWMAC  27 Jake Eglintine, Football Offensive (9/5/17) 
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/5/17)
    Kristen Madeia, Women's Cross Country (9/5/17)
    Jordan Wilcox, Football Offensive (9/11/17)
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/11/17)
    Kim Quiles, Women's Soccer Offensive (9/11/17)
    Brad Deckel, Men's Soccer Defensive (9/11/17)
    Christian Humulock, Football Special Teams (9/18/17)
    Mikaela Coady, Women's Soccer Offensive (9/18/17)
    Ciara Boucher, Women's Soccer Defensive (9/18/17)
    Kristen Madeia, Women's Cross Country (9/18/17)
    Anagabrielle Sanchez, Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/18/17)
    Harry Davis, Men's Soccer Defensive (9/18/17)
    Marlowe Scott, Football Defensive (9/25/17)
    Danny Murphy, Men's Soccer Offensive (9/25/17)
    Christian Schneider, Men's Soccer Offensive (10/2/17)
    Mackenzie Luiz, Women's Soccer Offensive (10/10/17)
    Stewart Frank, Men's Soccer Defensive (10/10/17)
    Cam Powell, Men's Soccer Defensive (10/16/17)
    Nick Giorgio, Football Defensive (10/16/17)
    Maggie Kennedy, Field Hockey Offensive (10/23/17)
    Jordan Wilcox, Football Offensive (10/23/17)
    Connor Pennington, Men's Diving (10/30/17)
    Sierra Skaza, Women's Diving (10/30/17)
    Delany Dyjak, Women's Swimming (10/30/17)
    Jordan Wilcox, Football Offensive (11/13/17)
    Nick Giorgio, Football Defensive (11/13/17)